Working Session with BDO:

Creating a GP/LP Structure

Working Session with BDO:

Creating a GP/LP Structure

May 23, 2023


Zoom Meeting

Event Agenda

In this session, BDO will discuss:

1. What is a GP/LP structure?

2. Why is it a structure you may need now, or want to work towards in the near future?

3. What's the process for getting this structure in place, and maintaining it?


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Meet George Dube of BDO

“Go and talk to the guy wearing the bow tie.”

It’s safe to say that George isn’t your average tax accountant or real estate investor. His high-profile sense of style is perfectly paired with a love of “jumping up on stage” to give presentations, which is just part of what’s made him so sought-after through all his years in the business. George has a unique set of skills and qualifications he’s learned and earned over a lifetime of experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant. Investors seek him out to co-found real estate projects; others look to participate in deals George helps put together. But what’s his specialty? The answer lies in his mission statement: To help people build and protect their real estate portfolio and businesses so they can do wonderful things for their families and their causes.

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