The Clarity Equals Velocity

Think Tank

This program will take you across personal, relational, business values, and partnership by guiding you through an in-depth exploration of how individuals, couples, partners, and groups synchronize and implement their principles and actions across different areas of life.

Define what alignment means for you in the context of your Think Tank, by exploring your actions, intentions, and values to consistently align across various aspects of your life.

Defining Key Values: Identify core values for each area of your life, including personal, relational, business, and partnership.

Alignment is the harmony between what you believe, what you say, and what you do.

Personal Values Assessment

Discover and define your top personal values.

Plan of Action

Define how your values will reflect in your actions within your relationships, at home at work, and in all areas of your life.

Gap Analysis

Identify the gaps where your actions don’t align with your intended outcomes.

Alignment Blueprint

Prioritize and create a personal plan for improving alignment in specific the areas of your life that matter most right now!


An Introduction to Alignment:

A discussion defining alignment and its importance in various life aspects or your life.


A time for introspection to do the work including defining core personal values.

Discussion Session:

Hear from others and discuss how values impact all areas of life.

Case Studies:

Examine scenarios of others personal or professional life and decide how you would approach and respond in the same situation that challenge their values.

Alignment Mapping:

Map out your next actions in the prioritized area of your life, personal, vocational, relational, business, as a partner or as a couple to align with your values.

Identify Misalignments:

Reflect on areas where your actions and values may not align, and discuss and consider potential impacts and how you can realign.


Create a personal action plan to address gaps and your next steps to refine alignment.

Group Discussion:

Discuss common challenges with other like-minded individuals and strategies for improving alignment.

Clarity Equals Velocity:

A Two-Day Think Tank on Mastering Personal and Professional Alignment

Embark on a Journey

to Aligned Excellence

Whether you are looking to deepen your relationships, excel in your career, or simply live a life of congruent joy, the Clarity Equals Velocity Think Tank is your gateway to a life lived with purpose. Sign up today and take the first step towards a life where your actions are in harmony with your values.

The Clarity Equals Velocity Think Tank is an enriching two-day+ workshop designed for individuals and couples committed to achieving unity in their personal, professional, and relational lives. Discover the profound impact that shared values and synchronized goals can have on your relationship and beyond.

Here are the dates of the sessions for this THINK TANK Program:

📆 January 24th: Virtual Pre-Work Meeting 1

📆 February 13th: Virtual Pre-Work Meeting 2

📆 January 24th:

Virtual Pre-Work Meeting 1

📆 February 13th:

Virtual Pre-Work Meeting 2

🤝March 1st - 3rd: Think Tank In-Person Weekend

📍Calgary, Alberta

Discover how aligning your personal, relational, and business values can enhance decision making and lead to more fulfilling outcomes.

Engage in interactive exercises designed to reveal the power of living and working with intention.

Discover strategies to synchronize your actions with your core values, creating a cohesive approach to life and work.

Network with like-minded individuals who are committed to personal and professional growth.

Leave with a personalized action plan to bridge gaps between your values and daily actions, fostering greater satisfaction personally, professionally, financially, relationally.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Uncover strategies to reduce stress and anxiety by aligning daily choices with core values, leading to a more harmonious and balanced life.

Relationship Growth

Learn to infuse fun and deeper connection into relationships with partners and loved ones through aligned living and shared values.

Financial Growth

Discover how value-driven decision-making can lead to smarter business choices, fostering a more lucrative and sustainable career or business model.

Holistic Success

Experience a holistic approach to success that bridges the gap between personal satisfaction and professional achievement

Workplace Harmony

Gain tools to create alignment within teams, leading to a more cohesive work environment and increased productivity.

Resilience Building

Develop resilience by aligning actions with values, making it easier to navigate life's challenges and bounce back more quickly from setbacks.

Harmony in Action:

A Two-Day Think Tank on Mastering Personal and Professional Alignment 

You are the conductor of
Your Life's Work:

Discover the Power of Alignment

Join us in a transformative journey where your principles are not just words, but the compass that guides every step you take. The Alignment Think Tank is an immersive weekend dedicated to uncovering, synchronizing, and implementing the fundamental values that drive your personal, relational, business and financial endeavors.

Why Attend?

You're not just seeking success; you're aspiring to achieve a harmonious blend of satisfaction and achievement that resonates with who you are. This workshop is for those who wish to:

Lead a life where stress and anxiety are minimized through decisions that are true to your core values.

Foster personal and professional relationships that thrive on fun, depth, and a shared vision of life.

Make business choices that not only promise financial growth but also align with your ethical and professional standards.

Create Culture and Environment to build teams that operate in an aligned and productive environment, leading to outstanding results.

What Will You Gain?

The Alignment Think Tank is more than just a workshop; it's a catalyst for enduring change. You will:

Define Your True North

Engage in profound self-reflection to identify the values that define and direct your life.

Map Your World

Create a Blueprint for Alignment, visualize how your current actions reflect your deepest values and where you can enhance your life's clarity.

Bridge the Gaps

Develop an actionable plan to align your day-to-day life with your long-term vision, ensuring every action is a step towards your goals.

Connect and Grow

Form lasting connections with like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of intentional living and leadership.

Seven Areas of Life

Expand your awareness in the seven areas of life that will help you focus on what matters most.

Over the weekend you will participate in:

Interactive discussions and exercises that explore the essence of alignment in all facets of life.

Personal and group exercises to assess and plan for greater congruence between values and actions.

Defining your blueprint for turning insights into actions, with a follow-up session to celebrate progress and recalibrate goals.

Why Couples Should Attend:

Strengthen Your Bond

Learn how alignment can turn your relationship into an unshakeable partnership, where each challenge becomes a step closer to mutual understanding and respect.

Harmonize Your Goals

Align your life and relationship goals, creating a shared vision that propels both of you towards common aspirations and successes.

Enhance Communication

Develop communication strategies that foster clarity and empathy, ensuring you and your partner are not just heard, but truly understood.

What You and Your Partner Will Gain:

Shared Tools for


Gain insights into making collaborative decisions that reflect both your values, leading to more fulfilling outcomes and mutual satisfaction.

A Unified Approach to Conflict

Transform how you navigate disagreements, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and deeper connection.

Lasting Relationship Resilience

Build resilience as a couple by aligning your actions with shared values, enabling you to face life's challenges with confidence and unity.

Agenda overview:

Exercises to explore and map your individual and joint values.

Case Study scenarios to practice aligning your actions with your partner's values.

Define your action plan focused on creating an aligned path forward on your journey together.

Embark on a Journey

to Aligned Excellence

Join us at the Clarity Equals Velocity Think Tank and experience the power of moving forward in life not just side by side, but in true alignment with your significant other. Register today and step into a future where your relationship thrives and grows on shared values and aligned dreams.

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