US Multi-Family, Raising Capital

& Technology Advantages

November 27, 2023

6:30PM ET

Toronto Airport Marriott

Meeting Room: The Forum 2 & 3

US Multi-Family, Raising Capital & Technology Advantages

LIVE EVENT: November 27

6:30pm ET

Ontario (Near Airport)

US Multi-Family, Raising Capital and Technology Advantages

There's never been a more exciting time to be a part of the REIN community. With U.S Multi-Family Apartments presenting unparalleled opportunities, the unveiling of our brand new Raising Capital Course, and the launch of the innovative Di-Vault Buyers Club, you’re poised to take your real estate journey to unprecedented levels. Dive deep into the world of tech advantages in property investment and discover how leveraging technology can be your competitive edge.

Don't just be a part of the crowd; lead it.

How to Double Your Investment

with Value Add US Multifamily Apartments:

A New Era of Wealth Accumulation

How to Double Your Investment with Value Add US Multifamily Apartments:

A New Era of Wealth Accumulation

In an ever-evolving global economy, smart investors are always on the lookout for sustainable, profitable avenues. Among these, US Multifamily Apartments stand out as a beacon of potential. Offering stability, high returns, and consistent cash flow, they've become a favored choice for those aiming to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the American real estate market. Especially in the current financial climate, the multifamily sector in the US has demonstrated remarkable resilience against market volatility, further cementing its position as a lucrative investment vehicle.

But how do you tap into this promising market with confidence? How can you ensure you're maximizing returns while mitigating risks?

Unveiling REIN's New Course:

Mastering the Art of Raising Capital

Unveiling REIN's New Course: Mastering the Art of Raising Capital

We're thrilled to introduce a updated addition to our educational suite: The Raising Capital Course. Now updated, we're sharing insider secrets, effective strategies, and tried-and-true methodologies to successfully raise capital for your real estate ventures. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, this course is set to revolutionize your fundraising capabilities, propelling you to new heights in the investment realm. And guess what? You'll get an exclusive offer and sneak peek into what this course entails, ensuring you’re equipped with the tools to bring your investment dreams to life.

Introducing the Di-Vault Buyers Club:

Advancing the Boundaries of

Property Acquisition

Introducing the Di-Vault Buyers Club: Advancing the Boundaries of Property Acquisition

We're not just stopping at education. We're elated to present the newest addition to the Di-Vault platform – The Buyers Club. This is not just another property platform; it's a space where serious investors gain a competitive edge, receiving exclusive off market deals, insights, and opportunities. As part of our commitment to consistently provide value, the Buyers Club promises to be the next big thing in property acquisition. Don't miss out on this revolutionary platform. Be there, be ahead.



November 27th

6:30pm ET

Toronto Airport Marriott Meeting Room: The Forum 2 & 3

What will be presented at this meeting

that you don’t want to miss…

What will be presented at this meeting that you don’t want to miss…

How to Double Your Investment with Value Add - US Multifamily Apartments: A New Era of Wealth Accumulation (Faris Capital)

Market Update

Introducing The Buyers' Club 


Why Attend?

Learn from an industry leader - Mark Faris - A Trusted REIN Expert with a track record of over $8 billion in real estate sales, with 640 units and $120+ in assets under management.

In today's volatile market, learn how apartment investing remains a proven strategy to grow your wealth, offering stability and resilience.

Be among the first to know about Faris' latest off market deals in Tampa, FL and Charleston, SC.

Amplify Your Competitive Edge:

Harness the synergy between our capital raising course and the elite offerings of Di-Vault. This integrated approach positions investors a step ahead, ensuring maximized returns and a distinct advantage in the competitive real estate landscape.

End-to-End Real Estate Mastery:

From sourcing funds with confidence to tapping into prime property deals, this event is a gateway to mastering the complete real estate investment spectrum, setting you up for unparalleled success.

Exclusive Access with Di-Vault:

Be among the pioneers to explore the newly unveiled "Di-Vault Buyers Club," a curated platform offering premium real estate deals, expert insights, and access to high volume negotiators working on your behalf.

Connect with other high producing, like minded real estate investors who share your investment aspirations.

Q&A Session with Mark Faris, Patrick Francey & JG Francoeur

Limited Seats Available


Whether your a seasoned investor or just embarking on your real estate journey, grab this opportunity to learn, invest, and thrive. Secure your spot now and unlock the potential of multifamily apartment investing.


Mark Faris

Founder & CEO, Faris Capital Partners

Mark founded Faris Capital Partners to help Canadian and American real estate investors buy multifamily apartments in Florida, providing an incredible investment opportunity combined with exceptional service.

Mark and his wife Joanna co-founded Faris Team Real Estate Brokerage in 2006, turning it into a mega real estate team that has transacted over $8 billion dollars in Real Estate sales and set record success in Canada. Mark has expanded the real estate brokerage into Florida, USA. To date, Mark owns and operates over $120 million in multifamily assets, single family assets and commercial.

Mark attributes much of his success playing hockey in Canada, USA and Sweden, as well as his success in Real Estate, to his commitment to excellence and going FULL OUT.

Patrick Francey

CEO, The Real Estate Investment Network

Patrick Francey is considered a luminary in real estate investment education, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development. A gifted speaker and coach, he dedicated to enriching lives through personal and professional growth. As CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and a multi-business owner, Patrick brings over 40 years of experience and expertise the he leverages to guide individuals towards their financial and business goals.

With a profound commitment to holistic growth, Patrick resonates with Canadian investors and entrepreneurs. His journey from humble beginnings to a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator, speaker and podcast host inspires a global audience. Through engaging speaking events, educational programs, and his pioneering podcast "The Everyday Millionaire," Patrick's approachable style inspires action by his followers.

Patrick's influence extends to well-being with a foundational philosophy of creating a context for a values driven life, intentionally, mindfully and with purpose. He and his wife, Steffany Hanlen-Francey, are inspired to support the success of others. Patrick's dedication to his vision for success, paired with his holistic lifestyle, embodies a well-rounded approach.

His enduring impact in entrepreneurship and real estate investment education is an unwavering beacon of guidance, proving his principles invaluable for those seeking to be their greatest self and live their best life, by design.

JG Francoeur

CGO, The Real Estate Investment Network

Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur is the Chief Growth Officer at the Real Estate Investment Network and CEO of Visture Property Group ( He is the bestselling author of Messy Manager and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications. A serial entrepreneur, JG has built several companies from start-up and his personal mission is to shape future generations through real estate investing. JG is an experienced investor with an extensive property investment portfolio. He has the ability to develop a long-term vision, which is exactly what he is doing at the Real Estate Investment Network, where he is building the futurization of real estate.

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