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In-Person Member Meetings?

Join us on our last Member Meeting Road Show to bring the community together for evening of networking and education. Register below to join our November meeting.

📅 November 7th

💻 Live in Calgary, AB (The location will be shared after registering)

⏰ 6:30pm MT


Joshua Howes will kick things off with "Building on Suite Success", guiding us through a decade of suite evolution in Calgary. He'll spotlight the transformative journey, underscoring improvements made and plans for the future. Special attention will be given to suite growth areas, support strategies for converting unregistered to registered suites (Amnesty extension), and potential ramifications of zoning changes and incentive programs.

Keith Uthe will then delve into managing mortgages in the current rate scenario, followed by Natasha Phipps offering a timely update on the Calgary housing market. To wrap things up, JG Francoeur and Patrick Francey will enrich your understanding with their expertise on capital raising and a comprehensive market update.

Please note that space is limited for the in-person events so you will need to register if you will be attending, fill out the form below to reserve your spot!

Please choose one.

Please note that space is limited for the in-person events so you will need to register if you will be attending, fill out the form below to reserve your spot!

Please choose one.


Joshua Howes, EMBA (Calgary Road Show Host)

Program Manager - Secondary Suites - City of Calgary

Joshua Howes is the Program Manager for Secondary Suites at the city of Calgary. He has worked at the city for 13 years in the planning department and has held roles like: planning service technician, Change management specialist, coordinator of Applications and Inquiries and most recently the Executive Advisor to the director of Development, Business and Building Services. Josh has lived in Calgary most his life, where he met his wife of 15 year and together, they have 2 wonderful children 8 and 5. Josh has a bachelor’s in urban studies and an MBA from the university of Calgary.

Patrick Francey

The Real Estate Investment Network


Patrick Francey is considered a luminary in real estate investment education, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development. A gifted speaker and coach he dedicated to enriching lives through personal and professional growth. As CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and a multi-business owner, Patrick brings over 40 years of expertise, guiding individuals towards their financial and business goals.

With a profound commitment to holistic growth, Patrick resonates with Canadian investors and entrepreneurs. His journey from humble beginnings to a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator, and speaker inspires a global audience. Through engaging speaking events, educational programs, and his pioneering podcast "The Everyday Millionaire," Patrick's approachable style motivates action by his followers.

Patrick's influence extends to well-being with a foundational philosophy of creating a context for your life, intentionally, mindfully and with purpose. He and his wife, Steffany Hanlen-Francey, support are inspired to support the success of others. Patrick's dedication to his vision for success, paired with his holistic lifestyle, embodies a well-rounded approach. His enduring impact in entrepreneurship and real estate investment is an unwavering beacon of guidance, proving his principles invaluable for those seeking to be their greatest self and live their best life, by design.

JG Francoeur

The Real Estate Investment Network


Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur is the Chief Growth Officer at the Real Estate Investment Network and CEO of Visture Property Group (www.visture.ca). He is the bestselling author of Messy Manager and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications. A serial entrepreneur, JG has built several companies from start-up and his personal mission is to shape future generations through real estate investing. JG is an experienced investor with an extensive property investment portfolio. He has the ability to develop a long-term vision, which is exactly what he is doing at the Real Estate Investment Network, where he is building the futurization of real estate.

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