Mindset Matters is a very special opportunity and exclusive offer for a limited time only.

Join Mental Performance and Olympic Coach Steffany Hanlen Francey and Business CEO and Host of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast, Patrick Francey introduction to harnessing the power of Mindset.  

Discover ways and tools for you to Set Your Mind to increase your performance and realize next level results in all the 7 key areas of your life: Vocational, Financial, Familial/Relational, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual.

This is a powerful and effective how-to for SHIFTing how you view your world. Mindset Matters is designed to support and guide you in overcoming ANY of life’s obstacles - in any area of your life!

Dr. Wayne Dyer famously said, “When we change the WAY we look at things the things we look at change.” But, how do we do that? Mindset Matters is the path for you to travel on journey of self-discovery and HOW you look at things.

Introductory Price!

A one-time payment of $99.00 opens the door for you to join us for 3 amazing, interactive sessions on October 20, November 24, and December 7th 5:00-6:30pm PT 5:00-630pm PT.

Each month your 90 minute Zoom meeting session hosted and facilitated by Steffany and Patrick will include:

45-minute themed presentation: one stand-alone topic addressing current life issues and current affairs each month.

30-minute open discussion or Q&A, which may include special guests relevant to the topic of the month.

One 1x1 discussion within the group live event, in real time (pre-booked in advance - first come first serve, where you'll bring an issue to unpack).

3 months is just the beginning! The intention is to facilitate brainstorming, creative and out of the box insights for people to stretch into. A tool for individuals, partners, and couples to get grounded and grow in an ever-changing environment that is confidential and inspiring.

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The hidden Power of


Harness the Laws of Physics to increase liquidity of time, energy, money

Universal Laws

“When we change the WAY we look at things the things we look at change” - Wayne Dyer


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Patrick Francey is the real deal. An authentic and effective educator and speaker, charismatic host of The Everyday Millionaire podcast, established Canadian-based real estate investor and Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Investment Network. His longevity and success as a business owner contributes to Patrick’s significant role in contributing to the vision, development and growth of Real Estate Investment Network. He is a genuine, driving force behind the business and development that supports the Real Estate Investment Network Team’s foundational belief that every Canadian deserves financial freedom by design and can achieve it through investing in real estate. Proud husband, father and grandfather, Patrick’s motto says it best: Success is SIMPLE.


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Olympic Coach & CEO

Steffany has a unique and historic career working at the highest level in Sport and Business. No one had ever done ‘it’ before and there were no mentors to show her the way, break trail or make it easy for her. She was determined at a young age to make a difference and change lives. She just didn’t know how it would look… Steffany was a pioneer in Player Development and now, 30 years later is the founder of several successful businesses, has knowledge, experience and credibility unlike any other coach/entrepreneur that crosses over into other realms of life…sport and business.