mastering the art of


in Real Estate Investing

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mastering the art of


in Real Estate Investing


($99 Value)

In this current real estate environment it’s important to remember this Warren Buffet quote…

Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.

And right now, most are fearful.

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing real estate market, investors are facing a multitude of challenges – from market volatility to tighter lending policies, from increased competition to unpredictable global events impacting our economy.

Now, like never before, understanding how to raise capital effectively is not only essential but a critical skill savvy real estate investor must embrace. Join us for an insightful and enlightening webinar where we lift the hood on the modern hurdles investors face to reveal exactly how The Real Estate Investment Network's Raising Capital Intensive Program can be your compass and your guide to navigating our challenging times.


Mastering the Art of Raising Capital

for Real Estate Investing


Mastering the Art of Raising Capital

for Real Estate Investing

What You Will Learn...

⭕ Today’s Real Estate Landscape: Unpacking the challenges investors face in the current climate, to grow a profitable real estate portfolio.

⭕ Strategies in Action: Real-life case studies of how REIN's Raising Capital Intensive Program has empowered investors to clinch successful joint ventures.

⭕ Capital Raising Mastery: Dive deep into the secrets of securing investment capital efficiently, ethically, and effectively.

⭕ Power of Partnerships: Understand the nuances of crafting strategic partnerships that amplify your real estate investments.

⭕ Overcoming Roadblocks: Proven Strategies and Tactics to tackle common and not-so-common hurdles in your real estate journey.

Why Attend?

This live webinar is more than just an information session; it's an investment in your financial future. Whether you're a seasoned investor looking to scale or a newbie striving to secure your first deal, understanding why and how to raise capital and form valuable partnerships can propel your success in the shifting economic and real estate landscape of today.

October 18

2pm ET (11am PT)

November 8

7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT)

November 15

6pm ET (3pm PT)

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Join us, and equip yourself with the strategies, tools, and an action plan that will transform your approach to real estate investing and joint ventures.

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Patrick Francey

The Real Estate Investment Network, CEO

Patrick Francey is considered a luminary in real estate investment education, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development. A gifted speaker and coach, he dedicated to enriching lives through personal and professional growth. As CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and a multi-business owner, Patrick brings over 40 years of expertise, guiding individuals towards their financial and business goals.

With a profound commitment to holistic growth, Patrick resonates with Canadian investors and entrepreneurs. His journey from humble beginnings to a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator, and speaker inspires a global audience. Through engaging speaking events, educational programs, and his pioneering podcast "The Everyday Millionaire," Patrick's approachable style motivates action by his followers.

Patrick's influence extends to well-being with a foundational philosophy of creating a context for your life, intentionally, mindfully and with purpose. He and his wife, Steffany Hanlen-Francey, are inspired to support the success of others. Patrick's dedication to his vision for success, paired with his holistic lifestyle, embodies a well-rounded approach. His enduring impact in entrepreneurship and real estate investment is an unwavering beacon of guidance, proving his principles invaluable for those seeking to be their greatest self and live their best life, by design.

JG Francoeur

The Real Estate Investment Network, CGO

Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur is the Chief Growth Officer at the Real Estate Investment Network and CEO of Visture Property Group ( He is the bestselling author of Messy Manager and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications. A serial entrepreneur, JG has built several companies from start-up and his personal mission is to shape future generations through real estate investing. JG is an experienced investor with an extensive property investment portfolio. He has the ability to develop a long-term vision, which is exactly what he is doing at the Real Estate Investment Network, where he is building the futurization of real estate.

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