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REIN is the sum of numerous parts. The REIN community formed in 1992 and has since been Canada's most trusted, unbiased, real estate investing resource. And REIN Members are the proof in the pudding. 150,000 clients, transacting more than 37,000 properties, representing $5 billion dollars of real estate.


For over 30 years, REIN has been at the forefront to change the conversation about real estate investing. A vigorous combination of meticulous research and analysis, brass tack economic fundamentals, strategic investing systems, exceptional market specialists and solid industry leaders all contribute to world class, relevant education and development, accessible to all Canadian real estate investors.


REIN is a robust community and resource for building the team that real estate investors need to achieve their real estate investing goals; financial freedom by design. As REIN evolves and develops, REIN is leading the charge to marry the power of real estate investment with the power of technology to elevate Members and their business of real estate investing.


REIN has long been regarded as the leader in Canadian real estate education, research, systems and investor support. As REIN expands, these foundational elements now offer more value, more access and greater learning than ever before to help investors achieve financial freedom by design. Both aspiring and seasoned investors will reap the following benefits.


"Joining REIN in 2003 was one of the best decisions my husband and I made after deciding to pursue real estate investing. REIN has been an essential part of our team and we are sincerely grateful for the relationships this community has provided us. Without the support, research, intelligence and inspiration of the REIN community and our membership, the longevity we have achieved in the business of real estate investing would have been much shorter. Thank you!"

- Marnie Griffiths

Insumo Property Solutions

"The honour in being part of such an amazing group - is knowing that we all use the knowledge, education and resources - not only for our own benefit - but more important is helping others in this business and even more important - all of the other areas of our communities that can use such help."

- James W. (Jim) Hassett

"REIN truly gave me insights on what and how to look at investment properties. I never would have learned all I needed to know except through mistakes. Undoubtedly it has saved me thousands of dollars already. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to go out and start looking for my next property and realizing my dream. Thank You!"

- Carol Coote

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